How do we operate in the field ?

Everytime we get in touch with a government, another NGO, a local community, a national park or a private farm, we send a team of consultants to observe and analyze the situation to get a proper report. This team is composed with specialists of Wildlife Angel who know exactly the area and the problems of anti-poaching.


When the report is done, it is presented to the Committee who has to decide what to do. Three solutions can be proposed, then :

1- The Committee endorses the project and a team is sent to operate


2- The Committee decides that the project is not available and will give detailed reasons for his decision, then a report will be sent to the people asking for action.


3- The Committee doesn't have enough information about the situation and sends another team of specialists to get more details.


As soon as the project has been accepted by the Committee, a part of the team is sent on the area to operate while the other part stays in France to raise founds to invest in the project.


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