Our operations since 2015


Creation of Wildlife Angel

The life of ex-bodyguard Sergio Lopez was turned upside-down the day he saw a rhinoceros die in front of his very eyes. He decided to create Wildlife Angel after this tragic encounter.

Namibia: Operation HornNam

  • 10 rangers trained
  • Private reserve home of lots of white rhinos


Niger: Operation Lion Squad

  • 20 rangers
  • W National Park in Niger

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Namibia: Operation Arrow

  • 12 rangers
  • Private reserve with white rhinos
  • French Public Television France 4 shot a serie called "A Season in the Savannah"


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DRC: Operation Bonobo

  • Partnership with the NGO Lola Ya Bonobo
  • 12 rangers
  • Sanctuary for the bonobos in the Congo Basin Rainforest

Burkina Faso: Operation Burkina One

  • 24 rangers
  • Pama Reserve
  • Threat :  thousands of illegal gold diggers poaching and cutting plants and trees


DRC: Operation Bombo Lumene

  • 14 rangers
  • Bombo Lumene reserve


Burkina Faso: Operation 600 Nazinga

  • 18 rangers
  • Nazinga Reserve
  • 600 elephants to protect
  • Support from the Brigitte Bardot Foundation


Niger - Burkina: Operation WARLY 100

  • 105 rangers to train
  • More than 5300 km² to protect
  • W National Park in Niger and in Burkina Faso
  • Arly National Park in Burkina Faso
  • World Heritage Area
  • Support from the GIZ (German development agency)