Alone we go faster

together we go further.

We are the Bush Defenders!

Rely only on ourselves, we might be wrong !

To succeed, it must be based on complementary skills and not on a clone army

This is the leitmotiv of Wildlife Angel


Everyone has the opportunity to bring his will, his background, his skills, his knowledge, his contact network, ... The key is to get involved in the action and to bring his complementarity.


The team concept is paramount for us. Whether one is in operation on the ground, in preparation for an event or strategic thinking, the strength of Wildlife Angel is based on solidarity between members, respect for the contributions of each.

A multidisciplinary team

Wildllife Angel Skills


We have a long experience of animals in the bush, strengthened by the knowledge of veterinarians and ethologists that make up the team.


An international lawyer and former policemen bring us the credibility to develop our procedures and relations with foreign governments.


A doctor specialized in hostile areas and nurses regularly validate the content of our interventions at the local ranger training in first aid.


We rely on a team of experts, specialists in press relations and various digital media (internet, social networks, ...).


Some managers have a strong experience in different African countries, life in the bush and relations with the local population.


Nos 4 engagements

1- Assign over 80% of funds raised directly to the projects on the ground

2- Make anti-poaching teams respect rules relating to respect for human rights, including those poachers

3- Conduct effective actions so that poaching decrease in areas under our responsibility

4- Ensure that the presence of our teams in the field can also benefit women and men living in these areas