The first part of this training presents the possible environment of your future operation. We will display the countries where Wildlife Angel is supposed to conduct operations, local cultures and political issues.


Knowledge of animals is also very important. Besides the essential foundations, it is crucial to know the basics of animal behavior, and especially the attitude that we must have in front of them. Staying alive in doing our protection job is a priority item in Africa!


An interesting point also concerns the international standards for the protection of endangered species and we will consider the red list of IUCN and CITES. These conventions help us to better understand the evolutions of our actions.

It is one of the most important points in this phase of awareness: the threats to wildlife.

We discuss the various components of this theme: the conflict man / animal, trophy hunting, different ways of poaching. And it is at this point that we will deal with international crime and terrorist networks.


The laws regarding hunting will also be discussed, knowing that each country has its own rules and the need to work with local authorities to avoid problems. We will also discuss our behavior during operations: what we can do and what we should not do!

You will be required to work on a concrete case of an African national park. A presentation will be made and you will have to analyze threats and consider the various actions to advocate.


Before speaking about first aid tactics, we will work on the fundamentals of survival in a hostile environment.

As we go on patrol or we act, it can happen that we get lost : how to find our way, to protect ourselves in Nature, how to survive, how to find water and food ….. All these points very important to know : the bases of your knowledge.


The first tactical aids have to be under control if you really want to become a Rangel.

You'll have to be able to analyze a situation, under fire, but also how to stop a bleeding (how to set up an emergency tourniquet, to dress a compressive bandage....), methods of cardiac resuscitation, management of a snake bite as well as the injuries with bullets on the head or thorax.

Mastering the SOP (standard operating procedures) is part of daily Rangels. We are responsible in the field of teaching (for future educators) or monitor the strict application of these guidelines by local operators.


The procedures of arrest, interrogation, detention are among the elements to master, knowing that, as we have seen, each country is subject to specific regulations. We insist on respect for human rights in evoking these procedures.


The procedure that we develop the most today is the "Preservation of the crime scene." We work with the rangers on the protection of an environment where an animal was slaughtered, the Crime scene, and we cover the basics to the collection of evidences.


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Training elements provided to African Rangers