First, you'll visit the southern part of Namibia, discovering the oldest desert of the world : the Namib. You'll go up to the highest dunes and appreciate the country from the sky (from a balloon it's very exciting) and its different shades of red, in the early morning,. Then you'll realize how fascinating is that country.


The land, there, offers an extraordinary range of colors and will please you as ever with unic feelings. Be ready to experience the first morning on the earth.

Then you'll go along the Atlantic coast to admire the real wildlife of the Namibian coasts. Freedom again when you'll drive in the dunes of Sandwich Harbour, when you'll visit the Walvis Bay lagoon with it's dolphins, pelicans and seals.....

Along the famous Skeleton coast, you'll meet the cap fur seals....

During the next step, you'll be introduced to the real namibian wild bush, where you'll meet a large variety of wild species of Southern Africa. In one lodge, a real Noah's ark, you'll observe the fauna then you'll be able to understand it more.

Then, you'll go to a private reserve, for a new adventure and a new approach of the biggest animals in Africa, you'll go through the bush on a game drive with a ranger.


Later, you'll continue to Etosha, in the northern part of Namibia. During 2 days, you'll drive through the park to see the elephants at the water points, the rhino lied down the road that doesn't want to move or the group of lionesses hidden in a bush ready to jump on an unwise impala !

And what do you think of a night spent at a secure water point just to observe the great show of wildlife at dark ?


It is after seeing all these fabulous animals, have rubbed shoulders and understood that now you see best interest that we all have to defend that wild fauna and fragile at once. This is why the last part of the trip is on the involvement in the action.

During two days you will be the guests of a reserve specialized in the protection of rhinos. You can participate with the healer to ecological monitoring of the animals, their health control, but in addition you will live with a team of rangers specialized in anti-poaching operations in the area. You will sleep in a bush camp and you go patrolling with them in a 4x4, but also walk. You will share their daily well, and you can even train with them if you feel like it. Enjoy this unique moment in which you can trade with them.

In the evening you will attend a conference on methods of poaching and the situation in southern Africa.

Through this time spent in Namibia, you'll have the most beautiful vision of the country, as ever in such a short time. More than the discovery of a country and its fauna, the real purpose of this trip of solidarity is about the beautiful and magic wildlife, its protection and your ability of becoming the best ambassadors of Wildlife Angel's fight and passion.

After such an experience, you'll be able to speak about Namibia but also about its fauna and especially the actions implemented by the NGO for the sustainability of a fragile world!!!


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